boar filletI remind you that you can find my feasts recipes in the left column on my blog under the tongue translator, to “‘treat yourself, the list is”

Today, I had Talia from 7.30 am to 18h in the meantime I made this dish was really good, I put the recipe and then I’m going to rest
I would try to go tomorrow on blogs, but I will surely go with my mom

here is the recipe

Here are the proportions for 2 people

300g boar fillet
250g mixed mushrooms wood
4 endives (you can not put two but like math)
Game stock or veal stock 200ml
200ml red port
2 shallots
salt and pepper
3 cloves
3 juniper berries
5 slices of bacon “good breakfast”
70g butter
a little cornflour with water spoon to thicken the sauce

take a pan put there 20gr of butter and cook the shallots and bacon cut into small pieces, caught color