What I Didn’t Like About The Hobbit Movies. The Book and Audiobooks Are better!

hobbit book vs movie

Ok, so I know I’m a little behind, but I’m also not a total geek like all ya’ll think, but I just ended up watching The Hobbit movies for the first time.

Maybe I should change that up a bit. I saw the first and second Hobbit movies a ways back, but never ended up seeing the third, so when I say I just saw them, I mean I just saw them all together. Jeff and I watched part 1 friday, part 2 saturday, and part 3 last night!

The Hobbit Novel and Audio are Waaaayyyy Better

I think the problem isn’t that I didn’t like the movies. They were fine. They just weren’t epic. Ya know, in the way the whole LotR series movies were.

The book is way better, which shouldn’t really surprise anyone, because we all know The Hobbit is absolutely epic!

I love the way Tolkien invented the entire world, including multiple languages, and then mixed together a ton of different plot lines, that all interrelate and mix up and tie up. There’s nothing better!

I’ve read the hobbit book several times, and have listened to the audiobook even more. There’s something about the narration that makes the different characters come to life. Even with the huge Hollywood budgets, the movies still couldn’t compete with some simple, high quality voice-acting.

Get the book from Target pretty cheap, or download The Hobbit audio book free from Lord of the Rings audio books.

Favorite Clip: Hobbit Movie 1

Even though they could have been better, I of course still have my favorite clips. From the first movie, I loved the scene when the dwarfs show up at Bilbo’s house unannounced, and Bilbo struggles to deal with it. I’m a little surprised this didn’t get picked as the opening scene, since it does open up the book, but it’s still a great clip!

Favorite Clip: Hobbit Movie 2

IN the second movie, The Desolation of Smaug, I love the scene when Bilbo sneaks into the cavern of gold and accidentally wakes up the dragon. I love how he tries to talk his way out of it, while still searching for the Arkenstone.

Favorite Clip: Hobbit Movie 3

Last but certainly not least, is the war scene from The Battle of Five Armies. Here’s the extended edition clip, which draws out the battle, one of the best done special effects scenes in the whole series!

Hope you enjoyed!

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